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Around the Stage Repertory

Choreography and Artistic Direction by Keely Cobb

Reno Dance Festival 2023-312.JPEG

Eighty-Six The Dance Suite 

*In Process* Around the Stage's newest comedic evening length work that focuses on the high stress of working in a restaurant. It is a reflection of the overworked society we live in today. 



Inspired by an 18' tall seraphim guardian art sculpture, this work comments on the divide post pandemic and how to re-unite as a community. This work explores themes of trust, acceptance, and union. 



"What is a virus?", A toilet paper opera, the anxiety of being locked down. This comedic yet heavy hitting dance work takes a deep dive into the pandemic shut down. 


"Take My Hand"

A collaboration with Artown and L.A based music artist, Adriana and the Wildflowers. This music video was commissioned by Reno is Artown in 2020. 


The Showbiz Cabaret

The Showbiz Cabaret is a character driven story based dance show with aerials, ballet, tricks, and more! It's over the top and an emotional roller coaster ride. The story is based around the struggles of show business. 

Synopsis 2018.jpg

Synopsis of This.

Being an adult is hard and Synopsis of This. touches on the difficulties of finding independence, living on your own, and making your own mark in life while being addicted to coffee. 

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