JUlY 22nd & 23rd

Where: Sage Ridge School 

2515 Crossbow Court 

Reno, NV 89511

On the back lawn under the stars!

Starting at 8:00 pm  

Seraphim is an evening length dance and visual art show that takes inspiration from and showcases a newly crafted 18' tall guardian art sculpture of a Seraphim Angel. Seraphim are the traditional angels of the heavens; they are the ministering spirits who live near and perform miracles in everyday life. The dance work explores themes of support, protection, and togetherness through virtuosic and theatrical modern and contemporary dance. The performance will take place outside on the lawn behind the outdoor amphitheater at Sage Ridge School. Sage Ridge School is hosting this event and the construction of the sculpture as the sculptures permanent home will be at Sage Ridge.

About the Dance:

Seraphim is an evening length dance work inspired by the 18 foot tall seraphim guardian art sculpture. The artistic intention behind the piece is to explore themes of  protection versus vulnerability, and togetherness versus separation and to reflect upon our caged lethargy since the pandemic. It is a piece of guardian art for the audience members to grasp onto and help in their healing process as we find a new normal and a way to come together in our severely divided society. The choreography plays with tension and release in partner work, delicateness in the upper body with a strong grounding in the center. The work embodies a sense of recovery and our need for support, guidance, and rebuilding.

About the Sculpture:

In the form of a woman, Seraphim will stand 18 tall made of steel framing, a sculpted salvaged wood body, steel frame wings with individually sculpted copper feathers filling in the wings, living plants and flowers are growing from the head as hair and illuminated,

hand-blown glass, copper and steel, heart that will serve as a beacon for all those in need of hope.


Sage Ridge Students helped in the building process and hand crafted the copper feathers within the wings of the sculpture. 

Screenshot 2022-03-22 172057.png


We are raising money to benefit the "Seraphim" Living Art Experience Sculpture and dance performance, and any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this project any and all support we receive allows us to continue producing work in our beautiful growing arts community! We are specifically asking for support for building materials, art transportation costs and a dance floor for the performance on July 22nd and 23rd