A Gallery of Virtual Alternatives:

This gallery is a showcase of virtual work that was created by local Reno artists and organizations. Please take note that not every work in this gallery was created by Keely Cobb or Around the Stage and rather they participated in the performance. Please enjoy and check back frequently as this gallery will continuously be added to. 

"Take my Hand"-

A music Video Premiere

Choreography by Keely Cobb

Performance By Around the Stage


Adriana and the wildflowers 

"Outside The Line"

Choreography by Cari Cunningham

Performance by UNR Dance Alumni

Around the Stage Dancers were paired with local bands to create choreographed dances to represent the style of the band's selected song. These pieces will be released once a week as a Ghost Light TV series. We would like to thank Joe Atack for asking us to be apart of this project and to all of the local bands involved: 



Elephant Rifle


Weapons of Mass Creation

"Urban and Free" is an Homage to The Space Whale sculpture in downtown Reno, NV created by The Pier Group. The Space Whale was first displayed at Burning Man in 2016 and displays a full scale humpback mother and calf. The Space Whale is adored in Reno, NV and it currently faces possible removal from the Reno City Plaza if the city cannot workout a payment agreement with the artists. After heaing this news we decided to create a dance video showcaseing the inspiration The Space Whale creates for the dance community.


This dance video features local Reno, NV dancers: Moriah Wegman Melissa Ennis Noelle Ruggieri Keely Cobb Deena Schmidt Glynis Irving Kimberly Yukes Corinne Undercoffer Fanci Valles Kristin Austin Hannah Hoobyar


Music: "EXIT project - Off the Road" by Tunguska Electronic Music Society Special "Thank You" to


The Pier Group for creating the beautiful Space Whale scultpure.

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Urban and Free



NOV 6th-Feb 6th


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